October 24, 2009

Rahman, you rock!

Seldom do we get to see legends in our city. I saw double oscar winner and musical genius A.R. Rahman today at the "Jai Ho" concert. The net proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund for providing assistance to flood victims.
Let me tell you upfront: It was a wonderful experience.

I went with my cousin and a couple of his friends. The venue, right behind the Shamshabad airport is too far for those using bikes and public transport(although that didn't deter hardcore fans in any way). Special buses were arranged, but it didn't seem enough. The four lane road was jam-packed with cars, and frankly I never expected such a rush. We made it to the venue at about 6:30.

The concert was already on, we could hear khalbali from RDB. We rushed to the gates only to be turned back by the guards. Cameras were not allowed. Not even snacks and water bottles. We put all our stuff in the car and went in. Ours were the Rs1000 passes which entitled us a plastic chair to sit. We grabbed several and stacked them one over the other for extra height.

Kunjum Nilavu the tamil hit was a treat. I don't recollect the exact sequence of songs but here are a few notable ones.

- Fiqrana from blue. The dude skipped one word but no one noticed I guess. And he sang it in telugu....

- Chaiya Chaiya the peoples favorite was a letdown. Bad remix and no Sukhwinder!

- Jashne Bahara from Jodha Akbar was sung in Telugu. wth! Anyway the music was great. Never liked Khwaja Khwaja but it sounded decent here.

- Slumdog chase theme was excellent. We all cheered. It was followed by ring ring ringa.

- Rashid ali "who came down from the UK for us" blew it. His "besura" Kabhi kabhi aditi was funny.

- Then the same telugu problem with Jiya Jale from Dil se. Damn, why not sing it in the original language?

- Lots of slow ones including one for our Late CM.

- Then some mememto presentation. Chief Minister Rosiah was there, President of Maldives with his wife and a few other dignitaries. A few handshakes and photo-ops later credits started rolling. We were puzzled. Was the show over or what?

Thankfully it resumed soon.

- The real gems were coming. Mustafa.... The crowds went crazy. Everyone was now standing and waving in unison.
pappu can't dance, Hamma and a few others sent the audience into a tizzy.

I am tired. Can't elaborate more. Rahman concluded with his trademark Vande Mataram and a short incoherant message about helping the flood relief victims. Done. We headed back to our Car. It took a good half an hour for us to clear the traffic upto RGIA. Sad we couldnt take our cams to the concert. Heel they even jammed our cell phone signals there(or is there no signal in Shamshabad?). Also, my phone let me down today. All pics turned out fuzzy and dark. A few good ones below

I'm tired. Need some sleep

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