October 29, 2009

Mid II: Embedded Systems

Hakeem calls me at 7:00. He's bringing his Car today! Wow, never been to college in a car. I do some study, get dressed and wait. He arrives at 10:30 and we're off. Langar house traffic is thick as usual and the journey is smooth from their on. We reach Chevalla by about 11:20 and comtemplate on where to park the Car. Certainly somewhere where it won't get attention, among the trees perhaps. We enter the main gate and damn, all IT students are right there "studying" under the trees. We're in for some trouble, we know. We say hi and head to the canteen straight and do some more "study". Exam is at 14:oo, a full 2 hours to go.

Exam: embedded systems goes well, not all that difficult(not if you already have the questions). Bits arrive late we, finish em off and hurry to the car to avoid any "trouble". We take along Imran and another guy and are back in the city by 5:00.

Two exams tomorrow and no car ;-), wish I had one too.

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