January 5, 2010

3 Idiots : Chamatkaar Hogayi!

"Life is a never ending spiral, a downward spiral infact that sucks in everything. No one is spared, everyone is going there."

I try not not expect much from bollywood movies. They have this uncanny habit of dissapointing me and cursing myself not to waste money on em again. With all the hype surrounding '3 idiots', I dismissed it as just another overrated flick that'd make me fret over the wasted tickets. The movie was not halfway through and I'd realised it was worth much much more. I was lost in the "behki hawa" like a "kati patang"

Hirani has now given us now a few more memorable characters after the iconic Munnabhai and team.

The movie starts with the 3 idiots arriving at college. Each person is different, one brings in a truckload of rings and gods to worship, the other comes in cursing away on not being able follow his dream. Rancho(Amir) fries a senior's nether regions within 5 minutes of arriving. The story is too long(and very good) for description but some scenes stayed on long after the movie finished.

And boy how I laughed. Chatur's speech was so hilarious tears rolled down my eyes and my stomach hurt.
Then the episode at Raju's house which honestly looked a bit over the top(funny nevertheless). The College
director, played by Boman irani is a man with no heart. His sadistic ways result in depression and one case of

But like all indian movies, as the movie progresses to the end there is one long and out of place scene where
Rancho assists in Mona's delivery with Pia's assistance via webcam. Donno about others but the whole 20
minute ordeal seemed like overkill to me. Fact is I don't like massive overdoses of senti in movies. Hollywood does that without tears, screams and rotlu music.

I don't have any more issues with this movie. I know the excitement will die down with a second and third
viewing but seriosly this movie is surely not a one time affair. I'm going again for sure.

In hollywood, producers give credit to authors even when scripts differ markedly with the novels. Here Vidhu Vinod Chopra tried to 'shut up' the journos from asking questions.

Chetan Bhagat ke credit ka toh 'ba.....kaar' ho gayi !

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