January 4, 2010

PIXAR has done it again

'Up' is quite small a name, probably the smallest movie title ever. Contrastngly, the movie is epic.

In what might be the best movie opening ever, we're introduced to the movie's main character Fredrickson in a 20 minute poetic sequence. It is so moving infact, I read some people broke down and cried !
The unfulfilled promises, petty compromises(the money bank part) are so common in life and eveyone, child or adult will identify with them. The hopelessness of life...

Fredrickson then sets out on a mission to fulfill his wife's dream of once visiting the Paradise falls(which are modeled on the real Ange Falls) and takes the whole house with him strung with balloons, which seems improbable and funny but the beautiful script, the great picture and above all the fact that it's a children's movie made me wonder why it even crossed my mind . The antics of the little boy scout Rusell are funny and the generation divide is very aptly shown in the GPS scene.

The talking dogs kind of spoiled the fun for me but the ending scenes more than made up.

Great movie

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