January 9, 2010


We need grace and discipline for everything, day in and day out. The world is a better place because for every undeserving, indifferent and ill mannered idiot, there is a person who puts up with him. it has been proven time and again that a life without ethics is useless. There are standards for everything, a moral code to be followed for everything from eating to sleeping. The Indian 'tradition' of 'slurrrrping' to dishes and the loud resonating burp at the end of the meal or the snores that can wake up the dead. All it takes to correct oneself is to take a look around. Is not the disgust on people's faces deterring enough?
Not that I don't have bad habits. I'd be more than glad if someone pointed them out to me. I bet I'll do my best to get rid of em.
Chat ethics
Talking bad habits... I hate it when someone logs off suddenly while chatting over the internet. It puts me off
instantly. it's more or less like ending a face-to-face conversation abruptly and flying off.
For the record, I hate IM chatting. I reluctantly signed up coupla years ago after a few friends abroad insisted. I prefer talking over phone.

When some work comes up, I make it point to apologise to the other party and leave after asking permission. This ensures there are no hard feelings on the other side. Logging out abruptly is like hanging up a phone on someone.

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sakshi said...

o... even i do leave sometimes widot notice n most times its coz the other person doesn reply for long so i feel thats the end of conversation...so is dat also pissing off?