January 21, 2010

Change is the only constant

Can a broken vase be patched up with water? Can a bridge be built across an ocean?

I have learnt over the last few years the world is no longer a nice place. There used to be things as generosity, honesty and goodwill. It is now a game of get all and give nothing. Call it a play of fate or the twisted working of nature itself, I have stood by everything I deemed right and now the same things are backfiring on me when there should be payback . Not that I expected anything, it's just that I'm seriously baffled at how indifference and total loss of memory is the new norm.

Torrents of nostalgia sweep over me even as I try to grapple with the torture that is today.Childhood was so
uncomplicated and innocent. Benjamin Button, you lucky prick!
Truth be told 'today' is a very bad day indeed. So bad infact, I'm getting all philo!

Lessons I learnt:

- Be good to good people. The others dont give a s#$%, and if you're good to them.... they'll eat you alive.
- A good balance of selfless and selfish will get you through. No way you're making it out alive with only the  former.
- Don't try to patch up others. They'll reconcile and together pull the flush on you.

Damn, enough.

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