January 18, 2010

Back where I don't belong

After god-knows-how-many delays, SPM exam finished today. I was still not out of my 'train-lag' after the
excruciating 12 hour journey in that counfounded 'Kakatiya Express' and the project managemt bullcrap drove me to sleep again. I fought off waves of torpor and rinsed my face with cold water to keep sleep at bay.

The bus journey after almost a couple of months drove me crazy again, I could swear the suspension was
wrecked. I've seen my share of boring before but as I sat under the shade of the mosque trying to grasp what
I could, I realised boring held an all new meaning today. At exactly half past 11, I was tearing my hair out trying to comprehend what the bloody hell it all meant.

This exam was so boring there is nothing to describe about it.

Moving on, I didn't take my Airtel phone with me on my manuguru trip during the Sankranti holidays, I was
cutoff from the internet totally. This trip proved way better than the previous ones with several high notes and
a few stinkers(my fate).

Sunil and Jaffrey were the 'guests' and proved helluva fun (with equal doses of humiliating antics). Rakesh was at his usual best. Sankranthi holidays are always special with musical nites and 'other' exciting stuff. The orchestra troop started with some devotional songs and moved on to telugu numbers to the screaming 'public'. They tried a hindi number which promptly made us take a somersault right where we were standing. We laughed so hard we got some very

stern stares from the 'public'. Thankfully they went back to telugu numbers. Then we were lost in gossip as a
couple of my frens did other stuff.

"Mera chine wine sab uthra....", holy shit, we collapsed again! The song sucked so much it started raining!
Everyone scampered for cover as the wasted troupe sang on. the show stopped midway and we were back
home soaked and sad.

Went on a small trip in Abhishek's Estate to the nearby railway tracks. Jam packed with 8 blokes with one
sitting on the spare tyre, this trip will go down as one the best ever.

As I mentioned before, the trip was good. If only....

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