June 17, 2010

Bob Fail!

Perhaps I was a little too naive in thinking a Bob Sinclar gig would be a free affair. After a pretty vague tip from facebook about his performance at Hard Rock cafe, I called up Paul who's kindof a regular there. He was convinced the entry would be a nominal 150. Praveen was ready too and we decided to meet up at GVK at 8, a full one hour before the gig. Praveen from dislukhnagar and Paul from ECIL were very late in arriving and meanwhile I went up to the counter to get there tickets fearing a full house. I held a 1000 rupee bill as I asked for three passes. When he said Rs6000, my face must have turned red, he politely said "2000 for one pass sir!" I mumbled some excuse that I was short of cash and would wait for my friends, and walked away.

Not that we didn't have money. 2000 for a 3 hour gig is something we "unemployed" youth don't deserve, Maybe when we earn our own money....

We straight of bought tickets for Robinhood at INOX. The movie was pretty good wth decent cinemtography and visuals. I sat bewildered at the sheer visuals and direction and only when the credits started rolling did I see it was Ridley Scott! No wonder!

On our way back, had Biryani at our forgotten hangout Prince and were home by 1 A.M. Praveen sat on my PC while paul and I chatted. Time flew and before long it was morning, Praveen left early while Paul slept for a couple of hours before starting for a tiring 2 hour journey to ECIL.

Had a great time. The title sounds a little too negative. How about "Rob Hit!" Yeah, now we're even.

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