June 6, 2010

Insomnia helped...for once

The last one month has been very hectic. Exams ended on 14th and a week was spent 'recuperating' in my room. then Aunt fell sick and a few days
at the hospital, then left for manuguru with Mom.

I'd planned on returning in one day but the sheer eh.... pull of manuguru held me back. Not that there was seat availibility in train or bus either (travelling unreserved is not exactly my cup of tea). Asif was as ever my only companion there and the time was spent circling about the colony on my bike and getting all kinds of stares from colony folk. Really there wasn't a place there where we could just sit and relax. The heat notwithstanding, the humidity was way over the top this time. We wrapped up our day with a trip to the local Bajji bandis and the occasional pani puri.

After much insistance from parents and people here, I started back on 5th evening. Having tried unsuccessfuly getting a seat in any bus or train(I even tried the ACs), I hopped on an Express bus to Khammam and prayed for my wasted luck to give me one good chance. It said No.

At Khammam I saw a horde of people, students, oldies, couples swarm around every bus that arrived for a seat. All were reserved and the passengers peering down like they were a bunch of derelicts or something. Holy crap! Then there was an announcement for on the spot reservation for a few buses that were leaving. I hurried up to the counter, I was 10th in line.... The blasted clerk ran out of seats as I reached the counter! I knew it was going to be a long night...

I saw an Express bus ready to depart and thought to myself " eff it. Why not go standing?" and boarded. To my luck the driver called me over and showed me to his Engine seat with a warning not to fall asleep under any circumstance. That wasnt a problem for me. Not with damning headlights of the vehicles coming at us. And the hot fumes from the engine roasting my bottom. I held onto a rod and prayed again for dear life as the Driver swayed and cut the heavy vehicle through the night. There was thunder but no rain... that woulda been something, I was just 3 feet away from the door. The icing on the cake of course was my eternal headache, each bump and speed breaker bringing waves of nausea and an urge to bang my head on that railing...

After a brief and (much needed) stop at Choutuppal for Chai, I was at MGBS at 6 in the morning, a couple of buses more and HOME!

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