June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me....

I was greeted with one pleasant surprise as the clock struck 12... a message from a long 'lost' friend. Things then went downhill from there.

Insomnia wouldnt show mercy and it took a full six hours and a bunch of Snickers before I fell asleep. I was hovering into the dark chasms of deep sleep when the shriek of my phone woke me. Dad called, I was to be at the Passport office before 10 for some follow up on my passport,
which in case you forgot, I applied for last year. Yeah, I'm that big a loser. And Dad called because he didn't know it was my birthday today...or cared. He'd enlisted an Agent's help for smooth processing. As my luck would have it(surprise,surprise) the passport officer
demanded that I(the applicant) meet him. The line was effin 50 metres long, moving slower than double beta decay. And there is always this smiliing lady who joins in and the wusses just stare. Standing behind me was a guy from a neighbouring state who chewed on my brain with his 'views'. Last time he was here, he apparently "sawed" a "lot of rush". And the police was "beating-eh all". I told him how anxious I was and that it was my birthday, thankfully he was considerate enough to understand and let go of me.
My Police Verification report had been misplaced and I was required to get a new one. Another 15 days atleast to get things straight again...

After lunch at Kamat, which is the closest thing I got to a 'treat' today, I came home at 4 thoroughly exhausted. Had texted a few friends whether they were available for the evening. All except Juber were 'busy'. I'd even set aside a couple of Ks in case someone showed up. Guess I'll gift myself a Minolta 50mm lens with that...

Juber was the only saving grace today. We met at Nanal nagar and had a shawarma at UK corner while we chatted. Took a couple of pictures too. Now home and blogging about what a wonderful experience that was today. Birthdays are meant to be special... mine was special in a dour kind of way.

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