June 12, 2010

Must have accessory: Bendy Tripod

Joby's Gorillapod has earned rave reviews in Photography magazines; and why not, it is indeed very practical. It can go where no conventional tripod can go and is a blessing for Point and shooters for steady shots. I myself am, in the habit of propping my camera in odd places for group shots. One time I used my shoes to gain a few inches height!

A seller on ebay, Vineet, from whom I get my printer supplies, shares a similar interst in Photography and on his last trip to China asked me if he could get me anything. I straight off asked if he could look for some cheap gorillapod lookalikes. He got me one!

To those of you in the dark, this tripod is about 15cm high with rubber ball joints on each leg. The legs can take any shape and bend and wrap around any solid, fixed object thus making a railing, a chair or even a door a sturdy tripod for a camera. My version can take a maximum of 200 gms only and my Panasonic is already giving it a hard time due to the odd placement of the tripod mount.

I'll put it to the real test on my next trip. Here are a few pics:


vinmun said...

Nice to see the tripod in action.

Aziz Siddiqui said...

yeah... works like a charm. if only the ball joint had a screw for tightening...