June 19, 2010


Parthipan and Asif arrived in Hyderabad for some Steel Plant's entrance exam. They came over today evening. This being his first visit to Hyderabad, Parthi was genuinely 'impressed' by Hyderabad. The 11 km Expressway that runs alongside our street, the food, the 'charm'. Donno how...

After a couple of hours doing odd things, playing with cameras and browsing thru old pics, we headed to Mehdipatnam for dinner...same old Prince Restaurant again. I was worried Parthipan would find the ambience(the expletives, cigerette smoke and all) a little too intimidating but he did well. I was done with a single serving of Biryani but the obviously hungry duo went for another shared single. We topped it off with a serving of chilled Lassi. It was raining outside and we skipped the usual auto ride and walked. Getting drenched in rain as vehicles alongside splashed water all over us was fun(Just like the old days)! We took a couple of pictures as we walked and looked for a hot coffee stall but in vain.

Tomorrow's going to be really busy for me, so I couldn't stay longer. We parted at around 11:30

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