December 31, 2009


2010 is here atlast. Hope everything goes well this year!

Some friends called a little while time ago from Manuguru. Apparently they're having one hell of a time.
I thought this year would be just like the last- a couple of calls an smses and that's it. It turned out a little(and I mean little) better.

Asif called at 20:00, he started from Ameerpet and was here at about 22:30. We walked for a while and had
chinese for dinner. Juber arrived a full one hour later and off we went to his place(Nayeem called). Apne
Nayeem bhai bought a cake with 2,0,1,0 candles. As the clock struck 12, he cut the cake and after a few pics, I was the first cake smear victim(no photos!), the yelling and screaming lasted a few minutes and we settled down.

Asif, Juber n I started our walk back home and talked for a while. Then Asif sprang a surprise and said he
wanted to go back to his hostel("kal ki class important hai!"), we were planning on a terrace night-out. The sky was clear and the moon beautiful....excellent for chat . Even Juber seemed tired so he went home too.

Transferring a movie to my laptop as I blog.

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