December 27, 2009

killing time with TIME

New year is around the corner but is it's all dull and gloomy here. The T issue has brought the whole state to it's knees. The colleges are down. The engineering students had all the fun(exams stopped dead midway) and are now bored. Corporate training colleges are at their wit's end. Premier exams like AIEEE, and IITJEE wait for none and the Andhra students are caught in a very awkward situation here. Of course the uncaring lot is all cheers.

At my end...
Now blame this on the current political turmoil or the sheer laziness of my 'friends', I am yet to watch 3 Idiots which, going by public talk and surprisingly critic talk too, is awesome. Now to spend time saw a handful of movies like To kill a mockingbird(ya first time), Broken flowers, The internationalA history of violence etc.
I was never good at commendation and hence will suffice to say that To kill a... is a true masterpiece that left me wondering how I'd missed it for so long in the first place. The scene where the girl smiles at Robert Duvall will go down as one of the most memorable movie moments. And the grayscale tone cuts out distractions and instead emphasizes on emotions. Gregory Peck was needless to say, awesome.

Among other things, I spent a good two hours reading all the TIME best and worst lists. Chesley Sullenberger deserved his place as the top hero of 2009 while the second place went to Neda Agha Soltan, who got killed in a protest and became the face of the opposition in Iran.

The other lists included top tech products and not surprisingly Motorola's Droid was adjudged first. The viral
videos section had me in splits. The cute kid in diapers dancing to Beyonce was hellishly funny while the JK
wedding vid was a true inspiration to many, no wonder it got 36 million views. Susan Boyle took the first place but I still like Paul Potts.

This is the age of top 10 lists and tongue in cheek one liners and cartoons. Who has the time to read long
articles or watch boring documentaries though a new breed of movies like mockumentaries, shockumentaries(yuk) are doing well. But (un)Reality shows are ruining every TV channel.

And yes, Blogger's in trouble too I think. '160 character' Twitter is the new fad. Actually, it's the new blowhorn for eveything from political crap to downright personal stuff. One wicked dude rigged his newlywed friend's bed to twitter... oops.

And ya I forgot.... Canon's new S90 is making waves. I need that camera...or better yet, a Pentax k-x. Better start saving...

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