December 12, 2009

Back from Manuguru

I'm finally back from Manuguru. The low bandwidth internet there made it impossible to upload pics. Hell, even tweeting was a nightmare.

Here are some Colony photos I managed to get right.

This is the first time I'm watermarking my images. I'm no pro to fear infringement but recently a guy at an internet cafe shamelessly copied my images. So just playing it safe...


sakshi said...

obviously.. u take gr8 pics n edit them n take all pains widot realising their real worth so wen other guy gets gr8 pics from ur site widot any worries y won he do that? anyways..these pics really recreate the aura of "manuguru colony"

Aziz said...

thanks Sakshi. I got worried abt the incident coz dat guy's known fr cheap antics. I don't mind when it is used for non-comm purposes.
Thanks again!