December 9, 2009

T for Trouble

Telangana. I didn't know what it was and didn't care. Not until last month atleast.

Exam season was coming to an end and I was eagerly looking foward to a care free, fun filled december when some TRS biggie went on a "fast to death" and a few ever-eager students at Osmania campus got lathi charged. A brief bout of mild tension ensued but the situation seemed to turn for the better with KCR ending his fast with a glass of juice. Now his supporters got furious. How could he! A few effigies were burnt and he resumed his fast again.

As the movement gathered steam, the government had to take action. They started by declaring a 15 day holiday for all higher ed institutions. bah! That meant all JNTU exams cancelled as well. The re-re-re-revised(seriously) dates are yet to be annonuced and going by the deterioting health of KCR, and the indifference of the government high command, the situation can only go downhill from here...
Here I am (stuck) at Manuguru safe from all this 'Telangana' melodrama. Hope it all ends soon.

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