December 29, 2009


I went to a place called Indira Nagar yesterday. It is somewhere near Banjara Hills. It being my first visit to the area I was surprised by what I saw. It was very upmarket, the shops were glittery and posh and all noteworhty labels were there. There were a few I'd never heard about. Some were selling fancy carpets and some exqusite handicrafts. I need to go out more often...

On the way back I took the other route home, through film nagar and tolichowki which would be much less congested than the MP-ameerpet route I'd taken for the up journey. The slopes were really steep and the
auto was struggling in the second gear trying to keep up. Film Nagar wore a deserted look, which is normal unless there is a film crew setup somewhere. The who's who of Tollywood lives here and I peered
out to see if I could catch a glimpse of someone. I saw all kinds of cars- Audis,a couple of Mercs and the regular lot. As we reached the top of the valley, to my right was the panoramic view of the whole of Hyderabad, the west side I think. The dark overhead sky and the millions of little colorful light made for a great photo, but I dind't have my camera with me.

Now started the downhill journey, the driver let go of the throttle and concentrated on the breaks now. The topography started to change as the slope ended, the houses were now small, and covered in asbestos in some cases and little kids were playing on the streets. There were cars here too but they were Indicas and green Logans with yellow license plates. The change is very stark, in only about quarter of a kilometre at that! Then we passed through a really narrow lane filled with screaming kids and hawkers which looked more like a small village street and then into the congestion ridden Tolichowki main road. Was home in 15 minutes.

Well, what can I say. Had nothing better to blog about.

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