December 18, 2009


2 hours. They made me wait 2 friggin hours for a fee reciept and at the end told me casually to collect it tomorrow. I'd already lost my cool and the expletives were locked and loaded, I didn't give a damn about the clerk. After all a final year student can get away with it, right? Wrong.

Now, there is one small room in our admin office which remains closed most of the time. It belongs to a man known for his short fuse, foul language and tantrums. He is a landmine, waiting to blast to smithereens anyone who miffs him. THE CHAIRMAN.
Hell, he yelled at me once in first year for no fault of mine. He's old and seldom sits in his office but as my confounded luck would have it he was there today. I caught a glimpse of him howling away through the waving curtain. Gulp!

I'd gone in at around 3.30 pm. As time went by I saw students, parents, staff as they haggled, whispered, cursed... atleast I was not alone. The clerk promised me my papers in 10 minutes. 4, 4.30, 5, 5.30.... Just when I knew I couldnt wait any longer, he told me the printers weren't working. Dude, really? Couldn't come up with anything better? Now I dared not do anything stupid with the aforementioned prick a few feet away so I quietly walked out.

That's college life

In pic: Closest match I found on google. He looks worse.


sakshi said...

so u wud go a whole way back to ur college tomoro? u cant talk to princi or anyone abt all this mess?

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@sakshi:thnkfully our admin office is in the city, a 15 min ride. all financial stuff is taken care of here.
Cant imagine goin to clg fr papers!