December 30, 2009

ty-PC-l problems

Computers are fascinating. And a headache too.

Call it coincidence or just plain bad luck but I seem to have the most unique hardware/software problems
everytime. Right from my first PC in school, I have faced countless totally weird problems.
I used to bug my cousins for solutions then but I'm doing it all myself now.

Most computer breakdowns occur due to software errors(Operating system crash etc) but a dead PC can also be attributed to hardware faults such as loose cables, improperly seated memory modules, heating issues or worse a dead or 'fried' motherboard.

I remember in class 9, I wiped off the thermal paste under the heatsink of my PC thinking it was grease or
something! The PC still worked fine though coz PIII was a cool runner. Doing that on a modern processor will fry it(safety mechanisms are there though). My PC was so jinxed it used to crash several times in a month. Sometimes the IDE cables died and sometimes windows crashed. I played around with it so much, I felt a little let down when Dad sold it to someone for a meagre 3k! My old too Acer gave up a little over a week ago.

             My first PC in a cardboard case with its innards spilled out!

My cousin who's in class 9 now(like I was in 2001!) brought his PC some days ago- it's not booting up. I checked for the usual culprits: cables, RAM, heatsink assembly and front panel buttons. I rewired the whole thing but still no success. I knew the fault lay in the power supply. I removed the motherboard and tried it on my cabinet and tada! it worked. I'll get a new SMPS this weekend.

the fan spins atlast!


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