December 13, 2009

4 years....atlast

Engineering life is bliss they say. Movies and books highlight how campus life can be a transforming, life changing experience for us. Careers are made, lifelong friends are found and umm... in some cases life partners. Happy days...but I beg to differ.
I think every student passes through four phases: nervousness in first year, then the rise from obscurity(called "pankh nikal ana") in second year. Third year is usually spent in affairs(all kinds) and the final year
is the time of awakening, "crap! what was I doing all this while?" and here many students come to terms wth their life and find a suiting career.

Now my case was a little different. First year was a mixed bag, I was furious at first for many reasons(listing them out wouldn't be wise) and then nervousness took over, of ragging, of not taking taking things too seriosly and so on. After the main exams however I got a slight uplift in my confidence credit to my good grades.

Then came second year, the semester system took a while getting used to. Mids came out of nowhere and before I knew it, exams were on. Then my head gave way and it took a rather long treatment to sort it, and after huffing and puffing through the exams I got a really rude shock- my first backlog!

Third year was the age of indifference. I slid into oblivion and seldom cared about anything to do with study. Our exam system had made such a mess of my study organisation that I didn't give a hoot about internal exams even, or anything else for that matter. The consequences of lower grades never dawned on me nor did the the idea of fun. I rarely went out, my friends had all gone invisible and for the first time ever I slept through the new year midnight celebrations.

Common sense gleamed it's light on everyone at the start of final year but my brain was still lost in some deep abyss. while I was killing(seriosly) time listening to trance and watching movies, everyone around me enrolled in courses and registered for exams. I don't envy them, time and tide wait for none, innit?

Now I'm up from my slumber(or hibernation) and guess wat, I'm late...


sakshi said...

so true.. til the third year thing...wat movies show about fun n hanging out wid frns is seldom true.. not always.. actually by this time u can actually see true colours of everyone around u... u won even realise but u start hating the pepl u banded round wid in frst year n vice-versa.. and about awakening.. u
stil ave one sem..i know its not for me to comment on this.. but this realisation has been haunting me forever..n

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@sakshi: hating ppl...have to admit this happend to me too!
hey one sem is not enuf, will be buzy wid projct n all. no time fr nythn else.
u realised in third year, dats great. dats good enuf!