December 20, 2009

The year that was

I don't know how 2009 went by so fast. The year was so uneventful(in some aspects) I bet I have better memories from 1994. The year started on a very boring note with me sleeping through the New year night(really ironic), not out of laziness or exhaustion but due to a depressing sequence of events better left unsaid.

Now a popular internet joke is that Bloggers refer to their blogs for recollecting past information. As much as I hate to admit it, I found I had to do the same here. I closed my eyes to try and remember any experience or incident from the year and I was surprised nothing came up. I literally sleepwalked through 3-1 and 3-2.

Some noteworthy events from 2009(help from older posts!)

--- January: Saba got a chance(luckily) to go to Singapore. Getting her a passport proved to be a real ordeal but all went well. She had helluva fun der.
Slumdog millionnaire won millions of hearts and several Oscars. Good movies sorta grow on you. This one didn't.

--- March was spent in fooling around with my 'new' Netbook and doin a few odd DIY projects with my old P3. My post on a poor guy in Aswapuram got great response and the donations were used to build a new shelter for him.

--- April: Exam time. Mids, labs... I was lost in the exam rush and yet found ample time to blog(29 posts)!

--- May: I missed my last exam due to an unexpected allergy attack but attended Microsoft Tech.ed at HICC Novotel Hyderabad a week later. Watching Steve Ballmer encouraging the software community on recession woes felt great. A few seats behind me sat Stephen Walther(the guy who wrote our ASP unleashed textbook! ), even 'Gadget guru' Rajiv Makhni was there.
--- Holidays in June! After a wasted trip to Manuguru, tried to pass time doing odd stuff. It was no surprise I got no wishes on my b'day save for a few from old timers... Not that I cared. Just an observation.

--- July: I bought my Panasonic LZ8. nuff said.

--- August: After a long time, attended Independance day celebrations at Manuguru. Had trouble keeping a straight face when the Dance group faltered thrice. The music wouldn't start!
Had another go at Online GT after the success of the first one. It went kaput.

---September: The month started on a tragic note with the passing of YSR. News Media had a good time looping pictures and videos. Spent the remainder of the month in Manuguru and had a good time with friends(very rare).

---October: Went to a movie with Atir and Praveen(after so long I don't remember the last). Inglourious Basterds was gloriously boring and violent but we enjoyed the ride anyway.
Then came a numbing shock. While Bini's passing was met with shock and disbelief here, it was all hush-hush in our otherwise volatile colony, implying something was amiss. May she rest in peace.
Then mids started...

---November was a mixed bag. After a spell of mid exams and labs the main exams started and all was going well when 'T' happened. KCR went on a fast and brought the whole of Hyderabad to a standstill. And made a mockery out of the exam system of JNTU(and OU). After days of tension and numerous 'bandhs' the government gave in. Now the 'A' is on fire.

---December: The battle for states still rages and the outcome is still unclear.

Hoping for an 'eventful' and 'encouraging' 2010

And this time I have no resolutions or schedules to keep track of. I'll go with the tide and see where it takes me....


sakshi said...

a gist of things dat happened around u... but u ave not exactly visited ur pat memories...u ave not mentioned memories relating to self except for the "allergy"-bit..and birthday..

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@sakshi: Nice observation ;-)
well, I don't honestly remeber anything to do with me coz as I mentioned I sleepwalked thru it all!