December 1, 2009

MAD rush

Exam: Multimedia and Application Development

Everyday's new. Everyday's unique. And this was no ordinary any means. Multimedia and application development(MAD,lol)...I was caught in the confusion of MBE, MELP and Linear predictive whatevers and before I knew it I'd missed the Bus! I knew I wasn't late at the stop nor did I take my eyes off the road for that long. Wow, bad days usually started after noon.

Starting up a brand new (effing) day....
Went back home with Hakeem for a coupla hours extra study. Started at 10:30 again and luckily got a seat in a stinky old RTC bus. Took a short look at the textbook and slowly drifted off into a micro sleep(this happens only during exams). Woke to a sudden jolt to my nostrils, I almost puked. The guy next to me(who'd boarded the bus while I was in dreamland) was
literally breathing Alcohol! To add to my pain I wasn't sitting on the window side either....

I reached college after a gruelling two hours. There I spent half the time revising and the other half biting my nails. I had a feeling I'd F up in this exam too.
I was wrong. Exam went well today! A 10 day breather now before my next exam, I'm going home!

I'm all smiles today!


sakshi said...

seems like RTC buses got loads of issues!! twice now u mentioned abt feeling sick on board!! :P
wel happy hols..

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@sakshi: sure they do! actually my college being in a very backward area I have to put up with such issues....sometimes we have vegetables n fish onboard!