December 7, 2009


No light source in mngr is spared from the wrath of these annoying little creatures. They whizz n buzz around until they lose their wings n fall to the ground or on to the bck of unsuspctng ppl. (Chldrn at the basketbal crt in dis case).
Lizards have a field day this seasn...

From my k770i


sakshi said...

true..true... the worst thing is they ave such a short span of life stil in dat little time(n evn after dat) they manage to trouble so many pepl...these n there are millipedes in mgr during rains... they are always found in a bunch of hundreds-thousands of thier own kind.. wen u step on them u get mess underneath ur footware n there is a clicking sound thats produced

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@sakshi: ya dat crunchng sound is seriously nauseatng. Mngr has all kinds of wild stuff!