November 8, 2009


My desktop is where I spend most of my time. I have a netbook but the small sreen size and the cramped keyboard make prolonged use a pain. The now antique piece of furniture that is my computer table is dilapidated and wobbly but still holds togehter all the computer hardware in place and is indispensable(at least until I get a new one).

I've tried to use each and every nook and cranny available on the table to my advantage. right now the only things I am short is a nice printer and a pair of nice desktop speakers.

A few pics below:

My desktop. See the clutter of cables to the bottom right? Let's hope the future is wireless.

Attached a card Reader to the side for easy reach. It's not very good though(read Chinese)

Since I don't have good computer speakers here(miss my Creative system back home), I make do with these Panasonic earbuds. Sound great.

Extra USB port. Too many USB devices these days so an extra port is always good.

Cable clutter: cables for my phone and camera. The one on the left is the micro phone

Extra power strip for attaching more peripherals. Using Allout all 24hrs now!

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