November 6, 2009

MAD hogaya!!!

hee haw!!! done with my last lab exam. Infact the last in the whole engineering course. Got a very easy program and I was done writing it in 10 minutes flat. However execution took a while coz the systems used a different version of Flash I was not accustomed with. It came popping some odd class error(no fault of mine) and I had to change my system to get it right.
Viva was excellent. Answered all questions. After exam, went to the Exam office to see if they'd softened their stand. Nah, he refused to me hand me my Hall ticket. six months and It'll all be over...
For the first time, offered friday prayers at the college mosque itself with Hakeem leading. He did great on his debut friday speech!

We finally left at 2:00 and luckily got seats in a Super-luxury that later made us wonder if we were better off in some ordinary bus. Slowest ride ever. But I didn't curse the driver or the bus. I cursed my college. 40 kms of tortuous, narrow, killer road to Chevalla. God knows why they set it up so goddamned far from the city.
Four years of my life- for nothing. Thanks Pop. coff coff...enuf

Managed to grab a pic during the exam while invigilator was out! Khan sir 'interrogating' Farhan and Dinesh.

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