November 2, 2009

Road safety plz

Update: Just got the news. That kid didn't make it. Apparently he was returning home from college on his bike when a stray dog came out of nowhere and he fell trying to avoid hitting it. Poor kid died on the spot. Sad.

Having no idea where to get material for study I looked up "pervsive computing" on wikipedia. No problems with IS as I already had a couple of books for prep.
After a quick breakfast at the canteen, headed straight to ECE staff room to get my ES record corrected. Ma'am gave me a look that suggested 'Get the F out' and gruffly told me to meet the HOD coz she hadn't seen me in a while(never actually).
Wrote my ACC exam with whatever I remembered from the aforementioned wikipedia article. Went to ECE lab again. This time got a real badass warning so I ran straight to the HOD's office. After a very brief but interesting exchange of words with Sir and some staff bloke who was acting smart, I got my permission. Everything went smoothly from then on. Ma'am corrected my Record and notes and even arranged a Re-exam for the Lab test I'd missed last week.

After lunch, wrote my IS rather well thanks to my study yesterday.
Witnessed a rather depressing scene today. At Moinabad on the way back from college I could see a crowd had gathered a little ahead. To the side of the road lay a Student, face down. There was a helmet a little further. He was still wearing his bag! In all the commotion, all I could see was a fairly ghastly scratch on his midriff. There was no blood though. Maybe he was dead. maybe not. But the scene wrenched my stomach. Everyone was just watching. Bad bad world.

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