November 4, 2009

Just aNother Terrible University

We all dread exams. Now I hate exams more than ever. It's got more to with the crappy Exam pattern JNTU uses.I'm sick of it. Osmania uses a standard pattern consisting of very small answers, medium ones and a coupla essays. But our confounded university expects us to write five 16 mark essays in 3 hours. Now consider this: You can never be sure of getting good grades. Hell, you can fail even if you're sure you got all answers right. The irony is, some fortunate blokes pass just by repeating the same crap in all five answers. Now beat that!

I have a very 'average' grade going by JNTU standards but I know I'm worth more. Assessing my abilities by grades would be foolish.

Wait...what I'm I doin? Random rants.....

Anyway, first lab external tomorrow: Embedded Systems. God give me strength.

Waiting for 01 December, Independance Day

1 comment:

sakshi said...

u are a lucky bloke ..seriously we write 5-20mark questions in 3 hrs n its not like u cud repeat the stuff or anythn coz in our university sometimes(read:everytime) pepl who dont even know the subject are given a key wid all imp. points n all to check our answers!!! n its a routine dat u can never get expected marks til u pay up n apply for "reval"!!n its like 400 bucks per subj. wherein the college takes extra 25 per sub! :(