November 17, 2009

while(1) {torture}

"It's not the quality but quantity that counts" - A lecturer, when I asked him how to score better in Exams.

There are lakhs of students pursuing their in Andhra Pradesh. We have a Curriculum and Exam pattern(I'm talking JNTU only) that is radically different from other states. We're not tested for knowledge here. A combination of good, legible handwriting and a
penchant for writing crap is all that is required to score marks.Longer the answer, more the marks. And yes, we don't study from Textbooks.

We have what is called an All-in-one(AIO) which we entirely depend upon. It's sold by the truckloads here. No student gives it a miss, bright or otherwise. It's like a Life buoy thrown to a drowning man. We hold on to it and make it to the coast.

It doesn't always help though. Answers are too short, the diagrams
are not detailed. Sometimes it gets the whole answer wrong.

And sometimes it gives us this:

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