November 13, 2009

(un)explained orbs

A very reliable "List site" in one of it's articles talked of an 'unexplained' phenomena, the Orb Effect.
In dark photos we sometimes see white specks or blobs, mostly irregular shaped and pale in color. They're visible only on close examination of the photograph. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're small flecks of dust on which the flash happened to bounce off.
Well, this site rubbished that explanation and gave it's account of the "unexplained and queer phenomena science has no answers to...". Duh!

Here's a picture I took from my terrace in Manuguru. We know the fine dust from the Paper Factory nearby is always in the air so the orbs here are expected. I did the same, here in Hyderabad(don't have the pics though) and the orbs are there.

------------Open pic to view the orbs clearly----------------

Actually this whole ordeal has incited a whole new interest in unexplained phenomena and mysteries. Like the Bermuda tranlge case or the Loch Ness monster, there are many more which have rational explanations to them.


sakshi said...

very interesting... but wat are exactly orbs if they are not dust flecks as the particular website u talk about explains??

Aziz Siddiqui said...

lotsa theories there...magnetic fluxes, paranormal beings..etc etc
I'll send u the link...

sakshi said...

magnetic fluxes..hmm.. cool! i like all this stuff.. so anyways send me the link.. :)