November 18, 2009

Exam 1 : Dard e Disco again!

Exam 1 : Embedded Systems

Woke up to a really gloomy day. It was raining and the climate was so chilly, it took real effort to get out of bed. I dragged myself to my Study chair for some revision. Got ready by 6:30,had a bar of 5 Star crunchy for breakfast and I was off. Thank god I had my sweater on, it was very cold outside. The college refused arranging buses in the afternoon so we had to go along with the other students at 8:00 itself. Pricks! cost saving again.

Was tempted to grab a Garam chai at the canteen but thought better of it. Revised some more under the Masjid fascia. Exam was at 2 and there was no way I was going to study till then!
A mere one hour later it happened- just when I thought it would. The headache was so freaking severe, I could feel the nerves throb! I didn't have my meds today. I was panicking now. Washed my eyes with lots of water and hoped for the best.

Exam started at 2:00 sharp. The paper was a mild shock but OK. My confounded migraine was showing it's colors now as It took almost an hour to answer one question! 4 more to go and I wasn't up to it at all. The rest I wrote in shabby, unclear hand writing. Finished 4/5 at exactly 5:00! All said and done I was satisfied. ES no more. ever.

The return journey was agony, "chacha" killed me today. With each bump, my head drifted in and out of nausea and I counted each passing second waiting for the torture to end. It took more than 3600 seconds! I'm sipping on a hot mug of coffee now as I blog.

Dinner, Paracetamol and Bed... It's been a long, bad day.

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sakshi said...

its sad to know u had to suffer so much on the exam dae.. happens a lot everywhere.. but u just put it across for everyone!