November 8, 2009

I'm on cloud9!

The air was cold, the clouds dark and the cool breeze was just awesome. I grabbed my camera and went to the terrace to grab a few shots. Wow, last time I had an experience like this was in Manuguru. Hell, manuguru is a different story. The weather there is always good. Rains, winter or summer...
Ok where was I? Ya, the wind was getting stronger and I could the see the dark clouds advancing. There were lotsa birds, moving gracefully with the wind. Alas, their movments were so unpredictable and my camera auto focus so crappy, I stopped trying and just stood there to enjoy the breeze after grabbing a few blurry pictures.

A day like this can be very uplifting for stressed souls. Just grab a music player and head for the terrace. Or better still listen to the chirping of birds or the sweet whizzing of the wind[and filter out the city sounds if you can ;-) ]

Which also reminds me....Rain by ClAud9 is a great track! Recommended.

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