November 20, 2009

hee haw, boo hoo

Exam: Mobile Communications

My posts have gotten very melancholy for the past few days but no more than this one.

First things first. Got a call from Passport Office yesterday.They responded after 6 friggin months! The guy was coming to college today and wanted the relevant documents and photos. I was really excited and even drew plans to book my GRE and TOEFL slots. I am very poor at switching tasks so I just couldn't get myself to study and killed time on my desktop.

Woke to a cheerful, sunny day with lotsa hope. At college settled under a tree and started revising...wait...something was amiss. I was not revising. I stared at the text. CSMA,ISMA,PRMA,Hash I'd given this unit a miss,heaven knows
why. Then the Passport guy called for the verification formalities. Half an hour and 500 bucks later it was done. I was elated. for a while atleast. And oh, no headache today!

I was all smiles as I entered the exam hall. I saw a girl sitting on my bench and slowed down...was I in the wrong room? I smiled. She gave a stern look and before I had time to think I saw the answer sheets beside her. Damn, she was the invigilator.

The question papers arrived and that smile I mentioned about earlier vaporized, replaced by sheer horror. While normally I manage to answer 4 and scribble my way to the 5th, here I knew only one! The rest were the exact same questions I'd skipped.
Shaken that I was I managed to crawl through 3 questions before my fuse blew. I couldn't take it any more. I was writing too much bulls#$%. There is a limit for everything, innit?

Was all gloomy on the way back. Not that I always write well. I'm pretty average in that regard but today's paper is a new benchmark.

My bad luck streak continues....


sakshi said...
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sakshi said...

don be so sad .. wat abt the fact dat evn if u write crap but its in tonnes n loads u wil scrap thru? n
on the brighter side of it u created a milestone somedae u wil remember n laugh abt thinkin how crazy college daez were! :)
cheer up!