November 25, 2009

Halfway thru...

ACC was special. Textbooks we never used much, the stinker was that there was no AiO to study from.Our library didn't have any. Nor did any big bookstores in Hyderabad.
ACC requires 3 textbooks(and several reference books) and after a long tiring search, I got myself one on pervasive computing. It covered 2 units out of 8! I had to do all my study from the internet and my, what pain it was. My printer is lying useless in Manuguru. I'm certain it's anything but useful now, all ink nozzles must have dried up.

So, I painstakingly made my QuicNotes and fell asleep at around 2 A.M. As usual, was up at 6 and in college by 9. Hakeem, Vishal and I sneaked off into the woods behind our campus and settled down under a tree. The view was great.
The breeze was refreshing, the shade comforting and the wide sprawling sunflower fields reminded me of DDLJ.....

I snapped back to reality and got down to business. The next three hours were spent in serious study save for a few quirky one-liners from our 'cool' Vishal. Then came exam time. Exam,as ever, was a wreck. Not that I dinno the answers. The problem was time. Maybe it's my handwriting that is to blame...or maybe those blokes at JNTU donno s#!+ how to set papers.

I'm sick of exams. Having written 5 regular examination(1st year+4 semesters) I have to admit I've lost interest now. There was a time when I'd write long, legible and correct answers and still be out of the exam hall a good half an hour before time.I used to score well too :-(

Now, writing one answer is a long haul let alone full paper!


sakshi said...

1st year meant single set of exams?? we had 2sems in frst year as well!!

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@sakshi: ya I donno any oder univ dat has one exam fr 1st year. JNTU is queer!