November 5, 2009

External Lab I : went well

No matter how much I tried I just couldn't memorize the programs in ES. I missed a few keywords here and there everytime. I gave up trying and focussed instead on the viva questions. Had a really bad stomachache today. Maybe those custard apples I had yesterday.Donno but hell of a problem :-(
Slept all the way to college today, the only time for productive study if you ask me. Skipped breakfast due to the ache and utilised the time to get HOD's signature on my Record. Ya, I'm always late.
Exam started right on time. Rehana Ma'am was merciless. I was the first one to finish wrting the program. I called her over and she immediately found an error and warned me with her Red pen. Actually she overreacted a lil bit. I'd forgotton a small argument somewhere. she later made up though and I was done executing the program flawlessly in no time. Viva was bad. he asked just two questions and I answered one wrong. Bad.
After exam I went to the Office where hall tickets where being issued. I have some Rs2300 due so I can't get my Hall ticket until I pay up. Damn, so much for my new phone. It could've waited fr a while....

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