November 23, 2009

how uoy dion?

Typographical errors are a real pain. Although most typos like 'teh','waht' are harmless, some can really wreak havoc. Companies lose credence when typos are found on their products. A Japanese trading firm lost $225 million due to a silly spelling mistake by one of the employees, One typo in the resume and you're done for. There always are exceptions...on Ebay typos mean great bids!

Yesterday while chatting with a friend I inadvertently misspelled a phrase and didn't notice the meaning had gone horribly wrong! Thank god I got a quick enquiring from the other party who couldn't believe it. I apologized and was glad the issue got sorted . I'm no touch typist and typing on my unilluminated keyboard with the lights out is really difficult. The only light I get is from the monitor, which is negligible.

Better safe than sorry. My next purchase will be a USB light for my keybroad.....ehh... keyboard.

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